Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anthology 'water me well'

'for the benefit of isaac's wells in two parts given at the door Sat Nite @ th Parthenon' 2010. 6 page gatefold on 8.5 x 18 inch paper. two parts?? other part unknown? this 'part' contains art by Bree and work by Markk, Ray F Tomorowitz, Richard Krech, John Harmon. maybe 120 copies made. (24 copies).


  1. There was a bigger (c. 8x11") section on grey cardstock tucked in the middle, too. You can kinda see it in this pic:

  2. was it a broadside or a stapled book?

  3. Sorry I'm just now seeing your question, Bree. It was a stapled book within.