Monday, April 28, 2014

Bridget Kriner 'Autoethnography'

                     Autoethnography by Bridget Kriner perfect bound available at Amazon or
         or paypal $10 to
                             2014 first ever Green Panda Kulchur Editoons chap vol. 1

Ingrid Swanberg 'Awake'

 Ingrid Swanberg's Awake, vol. 2 of Green Panda Kulchur Editons 2014 amzing work perfect bound, avlble at Amazon, or or paypal $10 to

Charles Potts 'The Source'

 This is a collection of Potts' brand new and very recent poetry, unbeLIEVABLE stuff here, entertaining, succinct and a pleasure to read. available here: or at amazon or thru the Panda via paypal to $10 BUCKS CHEAP!

Alex Gildzen 'Poems that Drip Blood'

     6 poems written by Alex for the blood moon April 2014 dedicated to Todd Moore. $5
     staplebound, illustration by Bree on cover. paypal to or
     snail to Green Panda press 3174 Berkshire Rd Cleve Hts oh 44118.

Bree 'A Poems: Bree poems with titles that begin with 'A' 1994-2014'

14 pgs staplebound poems with titles that being with 'A',  (2014). $5 paypal
to or snail to
Green Panda Press 3174 berkshire rd cleve hts oh 44118.