Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Green Panda Press has a new address. send inquiries, payments and insults to:::::::::

Green Panda Press
147 Marcus Street
Pleasureville, KY 40057

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Anthology 'Green Panda Press Anthologese 2014'

Green Panda Anthologese 2014  bagozine littles, broads and gatefolds by Tom Kryss, Hilary Kryss, John Swain, Ra Washington, John Bennett, Justin Tabathor, Bree, Jim Lang, d.a. levy, Tim Murray, Vaschel Lindsay, Ferlinghetti, 22 copies made (5/1/2014). $10 paypal to or snail to 3174 berkshire rd. cleve. hts., oh 44118

Monday, April 28, 2014

Bridget Kriner 'Autoethnography'

                     Autoethnography by Bridget Kriner perfect bound available at Amazon or
         or paypal $10 to
                             2014 first ever Green Panda Kulchur Editoons chap vol. 1

Ingrid Swanberg 'Awake'

 Ingrid Swanberg's Awake, vol. 2 of Green Panda Kulchur Editons 2014 amzing work perfect bound, avlble at Amazon, or or paypal $10 to

Charles Potts 'The Source'

 This is a collection of Potts' brand new and very recent poetry, unbeLIEVABLE stuff here, entertaining, succinct and a pleasure to read. available here: or at amazon or thru the Panda via paypal to $10 BUCKS CHEAP!

Alex Gildzen 'Poems that Drip Blood'

     6 poems written by Alex for the blood moon April 2014 dedicated to Todd Moore. $5
     staplebound, illustration by Bree on cover. paypal to or
     snail to Green Panda press 3174 Berkshire Rd Cleve Hts oh 44118.

Bree 'A Poems: Bree poems with titles that begin with 'A' 1994-2014'

14 pgs staplebound poems with titles that being with 'A',  (2014). $5 paypal
to or snail to
Green Panda Press 3174 berkshire rd cleve hts oh 44118.