Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Anthology 'Long March of Cleveland'

76 page staplfold chap. 'for d.a. levy'. 'special thanks to Lang 1935-May 2001'. work by Barry Koskie, Daniel Thompson, Suzanne DeGaetano, Cheryl Townsend, Pete Dell, Pete Favorito, Kathy Walker (Smith), Matthew Wascovich, Gina Tabasso, Ben Gulyas, Christopher Franke, Steven B. Smith, Thurston Moore, Bree, Steve Melton, d. anthony piks, e b bortz, Charles Potts, Jim Lang, Markk, Arthur Watkins, Tim Harding, Peter Leon, Lawrence Forbes, Martin Juredine, Charley Shively, Russ Vidrick, Mark Gurarie, Little Jimmy Scott, Barry Zucher, Adam Brodsky, Mike Thomas, Dan Holt, Mark Weber. dated 2001 because title page et al was designed, released 2002. printed with six different covers. first run 100 numbered copies, another 40 or so printed long after the fact on-demand style. (2 copies).

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