Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Anthology 'Green Panda Press Broad Sidling 2013'

24 poems by 15 poets broadside-style in windowed enveloped stamped by the Panda. John Bennett, Tom Kryss, Kenneth Patchen, Hilary Krzywkowski Flexer, Dave Roskos, Charles Potts, Bree, Jayce Renner, George Wallace, Jim Lang, Charles Lamb, Adam Brodsky, John Swain, e b bortz, Steven B. Smith and Frank Reardon. (2013). $8.00, shipping free in US only. via paypal greenpandapress@gmail.com or/check/cash to Green Panda Press 3174 Berkshire Rd. Cleve. Hts. OH 44118 

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